We do an extensive assortment of parts for our industrial equipment customers.

Here at Royal we have made 1000’s of components that are needed by this industry.  UHMW Sleeves, HDPE chain tensioners, Acetal rollers, Teflon spacers, PVC bushings, Polypropylene table feeds,  just to name a few from our massive array of machined parts.

There are some speciality plastics that work well for this type of industry.  Ertalyte, PEEK, Torlon, Phenolic, Mylar, Ultem are just some of the plastics that we have worked with for these unique parts.

In every industry, high quality parts are in demand and that is what is accomplished at Royal Custom Plastics.
The polyethylene family, which includes HDPE, LDPE, UHMW AND TIVAR, TIVAR 88, AND TIVAR 1000 are typical plastics that are used for such parts as conveyor wear strips, guide rails, bearings, chain guides, diverters, chain tensioners, scraper blades, press plates and conveyor chain wear plates, to list a few.  They all have good chemical, corrosion, and abrasion resistance.  But they do vary in the tolerance of heat and impact strength.