Material:  HDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene

Royal has had many years of experience welding plastic.  Using our Drader welder, we are able to create a weld that is injected below the surface resulting in a super strength weld.  For large industrial tanks, we use our Wegener extrusion welder; it will produce large corner welds and seam welds without multiple passes.

Plastic welding enables us to bond semi-finished plastic materials together. Royal Custom Plastics is one of few companies in the area who are able to plastic weld. Plastic welding forms a strong, durable bond that can be used in products across all types of industries.

We can fabricate custom tanks of various sizes and for all different applications from holding water to chemicals.  We have the ability to create tanks that have enclosed metal reinforcement for added strength.  When you have a tank at your facility that has a leak, Royal can come to you and do onsite repair work.

There are many applications that require plastic welding.  It can be used to reinforce the corners on trays, boxes or tanks.  We can weld standard sheets together to make larger custom sized sheets.  Welding of plastic is often used to make parts for the dairy industry to ensure a proper seal to prevent the spread of bacteria.  Other industries that may have plastic welding application are food packaging, chemical and plating and papermaking.