image of Acetal Delrin plastic


Acetal, also known as Delrin, has physical properties that are not available in metal or most other plastics. It is inflexible, has mechanical strength, low moisture absorption, resistance to abrasion and fatigue endurance, excellent dimensional stability and low coefficient of friction.

Acetal is also resistance to a range of solvents and has good electrical properties. This makes it a good choice for electrical applications.  Moisture, lubricants and gasoline have little effect on this material, which is good for parts that are using self-threading screws, keenserts, or helicoils.

Acetal Delrin are available in a wide variety of colors. It is available in sheets, rods or tubes.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

Acetal has continuous hardness and strength at temperatures up to 180 °F and is resistant to a range of chemical solvents.


Mechanical properties

Acetal Delrin has high mechanical strength and rigidity. It is easy to machine or fabricate, but tough to wear out. Machined parts that Royal has done include: packer shoe brackets, belt guides, scrapers, wear strips, retainers, gears and more…



Acetal is rated HB