image of LDPE plastic


LDPE was the first of the polyethylenes to be developed.  It is the least expensive and has the most flexibility. It’s heat resistance is the lowest in the family with a maximum service temperature of 160 degrees to 180 degrees fahrenheit.

LDPE also meets FDA requirements.  There is also a speciality grade (LLDPE) with better impact, heat-seal strengths and environmental stress crack resistance.

It’s wide use is in merchandise packaging but it also is used in some medical equipment and computer hardware, just to name a few.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

LDPE has low temperature impact resistance at 180 °F and although it is chemical resistant, it can be attacked by strong oxidizing acids.  It is also vulnerable to stress cracking, especially if detergents are used.


Mechanical properties

LDPE is Semi-rigid, translucent, very tough, weatherproof, good chemical resistance, low water absorption, easily processed by most methods, and low cost.



LDPE is rated NR