image of Nylon / Nylatron plastic


The many different grades of Nylon/Nylatron makes it one of the #1 choices for all industries.  In general, nylon has exceptional high strength and toughness, and resists wear and abrasion.

It frequently is used to replace metal, wood and rubber.  Nylon is FDA and USDA compliant and has a low coefficient of friction.

Here at Royal, we use the grade of nylon that is best suited for your part.  For the dairy/food industry, it could be used for paddles, conveyor side rails, wearstrips and manifolds, etc.  For the paper/industrial equipment industry nylon, in it’s variety of grades including glass fiber filled, oil filled and fiber reinforced, is an ideal plastic.

It’s superior wear resistance, reduction in lubrication requirements and high impact strength delivers an excellent finished part.  At Royal Custom Plastics, we machine slide pads, thrust washers, trunion bearings, bushings, plugs and much more using nylon.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

Nylon has a maximum temperature of 210°F and a Melting Point of 420°F. It has good resistance to chemicals; however, should not be used with chemicals such as phenols, alkalis, iodine and acids.


Mechanical properties

This plastic is excellent material for machining. Nylon is tough, strong, and impact resistant while having a low coefficient of friction and is abrasion resistant.



Nylon is rated V-2