image of Phenolic plastic


Phenolics are also known under the tradenames,  Micarta, Texolite and Bakelite. Popular fillers are paper, cotton fabric and glass fiber fabric. The phenolic resin and fillers are then formed into plastic laminates.  The array of these laminated fusions make them well suited for many different industries and their applications.

Phenolic fusions, overall have good electrical qualities and dimensional stability.  All grades are light in weight, structurally strong, and resistant to moisture.  They offer high mechanical strength and are chemical, water, heat and flame resistant.

Royal has machined many parts using the different phenolic fusions and also their special grades.  Insulators, cam followers, valve rings and housings and just a very few of the parts that we have done.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

This plastic has a high heat and wear resistance and is solvent resistant.


Mechanical properties

Phenolic has great machinability, is light weight, has good mechanical strength & dimensional stability.



Phenolic is rated V-O