image of Polycarbonate plastic


If you are looking for a transparent and tough engineering plastic, polycarbonate is it.  Lexan, which is a tradename of polycarbonate, has high impact strength.  Polycarbonate sheets have 250 times the impact strength of glass and 30 times the impact of acrylic. Royal Custom Plastics uses polycarbonate to fabricate and machine many different parts.  Some of the parts that we do are sight windows, guards, covers, guides, shields, enclosures and doors, custom guards, and covers.

Polycarbonates have good electrical and insulating abilities.  It has 40% better thermal efficiency than glass and lower maintenance costs than both glass and acrylic.

Polycarbonates are available in multiple grades to fit specific applications.  Available are grades with improved chemical resistance, flame-retardant, FDA approved and UV and abrasion resistant.You can get polycarbonate in a variety of tints or colors and functional textures of pebble, matte and prismatic.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

Polycarbonate’s maximum temperature is 250°F and melting point is 300°F. This plastic has great chemical resistance to some chemicals and poor resistance to others.


Mechanical properties

This plastic possesses extraordinarily good dimensional stability with a high impact strength which is maintained over a wide temperature range. This makes PC ideal for the manufacture of laboratory safety shields, vacuum desiccators and centrifuge tubes.



Polycarbonate is rated V-O