image of Polypropylene plastic


Polypropylene (Homopolymer) is one of the lightest plastics available. This plastic is ideal for both wet and dry process applications, offering a solid combination of mechanical strength, rigidity and dimensional stability.  With this in mind, it is an excellent choice for the dairy/agricultural industry which uses polypropylene for their plastic tubs, animal feeders and many other items.

Polypropylene finds its way into the food processing and storage industry, chemical processing and metal plating industry.

Here at Royal Custom Plastics, polypropylene is a daily material that we work with.  For the plating industry, we have made polypro liners, tanks and covers. For the dairy/food industry, there are polypro table feeds, hood liners, and soak tank covers.And for the packaging/storage industry,  there have been machine polypro guards, pipe sleeves, washers, rollers and gears.

Co-poly polypropylene has all the qualities of the standard polypropylene but has a much higher impact strength, greater flexibility and not as brittle. It is excellent for high stress and impact applications. This material is used for all the same applications as the standard polypropylene, adding the prosthetics and orthotics industry to the list.

Royal Custom Plastics have machined many tanks, liners and supports using Co-poly polypropylene.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

It has no moisture absorption, it is abrasion resistant and its high melting point is 320 degrees. It is resistant to fatigue, has excellent chemical resistance and is USDA/FDA approved. It’s heat resistance makes it a good choice for medical/laboratory equipment because it can withstand the heat in an autoclave.


Mechanical properties

This material machines well and is available in many profiles, is autoclaveable for usage in biohazardous environments. Other uses include fittings and connectors, storage containers, sinks, and hoods and the best joining method is hot air or nitrogen welding. Can be mechanically joined with screws or rivets. Ultrasonic inserts work well.



Polypropylene is rated HB