image of PTFE / Teflon plastic


If you are looking for the most chemically resistant plastic, that would be PTFE, commonly known as Teflon.  It is available in sheets, rods or tubes.  It has excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties and a low coefficient of friction. It has a unique non stick surface that very few materials will adhere to it, and those that do stick can easily be peeled or rubbed off.  PTFE’s mechanical properties are lower than other engineering plastics, but that can be improved by adding fillers such as glass fiber, carbon or graphite. Teflon is also flame resistant and is FDA compliant.

Royal Custom Plastics precision machine parts use teflon to make sleeves, plugs, bushings, gaskets, split rings, filter screens, slide guides and various other parts for the food industry.  Teflon is a great material for the industrial industry and Royal has supplied teflon sleeves, idlers, pivoting mounts, washers, seals, teflon belts, wear pads, conveyor rails and teflon bars, just to name a few.  We have worked with glass-filled, carbon and graphite filled teflon to make our customers machined parts perfect for the application that they are using it for.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

Teflon’s working temperature range is -400 degree to 500 °F and has one of the highest ranges of chemical resistance.


Mechanical properties

Machines easily when chilled but cannot be easily glued or welded. Excellent choice for gaskets, rings, and bearings.



Teflon is rated V-O