image of PVC plastic


PVC is a chemically and mechanically stable material with excellent fire retarding properties. It has excellent dielectric properties and mechanical strength. Some of the plastic flanges, valves, plugs, nipples and support blocks Royal machines are done in this economical material. The low moisture absorption and good insulation properties makes it an excellent choice for piping systems, pump components and seals.

It has low flammability and is self-extinguishing, so the applications of fume scrubber and lamp housings would be a couple of typical applications that would use this material. PVC can easily be fabricated, glued, and welded.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

It has an exceptional resistance to chemicals and corrosion making it an easy choice for applications such as chemical processing, corrosive resistant tanks and equipment. PVC has a maximum temperature of 158°F and a melting point of 176°F.


Mechanical properties

PVC is very machinable and heat bends nicely. This unique material is glueable and weldable and is commonly used for nuts, bolts, ducts, hoods, and process tanks



PVC is rated V-O to VO-SV