image of Styrene plastic


Styrene or Polystyrene, is a material that is die cuttable, screen printable and has great thermoformability.  It has a high degree of hardness and low moisture absorption.  It is widely used for graphic art applications because of its excellent ink adhesion properties, color quality and low cost.  Styrene holds its dimensions well under normal use however it should not be used outdoors on a continual basis.  Most foods, drinks and common household acids have no effect on polystyrene.  But on the other hand, cleaning solutions, citrus fruit, nail polish/remover, gasoline and turpentine will attack it.

Royal Custom Plastics supplies the food and dairy industry with thermoformed food pans and trays.  We also supply cut to size styrene to sign manufacturers and printing companies.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

As a thermoplastic polymer, polystyrene is in a solid state at room temperature but can be manipulated if heated above about 212 °F, its glass transition temperature. It becomes rigid again when cooled. Polystyrene is very chemically inert, being resistant to acids and bases but is easily dissolved by many chlorinated solvents, and many aromatic hydrocarbon solvents.


Mechanical properties

This plastic’s temperature behavior is exploited for extrusion, and also for molding and vacuum forming, since it can be cast into molds with fine detail.



Styrene is rated HB