image of Ultem plastic


Ultem is the tradename for polyetherimide.  It is an exceptional material offering above average performances in mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. It is widely used in the electronic market because of its good arc resistance and dielectric constant. Ultem offers high strength and excellent resistance to flame and heat.  It is highly used in medical applications and it is also FDA approved.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

The glass transition temperature of PEI is 420 °F and is prone to stress cracking in chlorinated solvents.


Mechanical properties

Ultem resins are used in medical and chemical instrumentation due to their heat resistance, solvent resistance and flame resistance. Ultem 1000 (standard, unfilled polyetherimide) has a high dielectric strength, natural flame resistance, and extremely low smoke generation. Ultem has high mechanical properties and performs in continuous use to 340 °F.



UHMW is rated HB