image of Vivak / PETG / Copolyester plastic


Vivak is a tradename for PETG or Copolyester. It is a clear plastic with excellent clarity.  It has superior impact strength compared to acrylic and is most cost effective compared to polycarbonate.

It is available in several different formulations for the best possible application suitability.

Royal Custom Plastics has used PETG to fabricate such products as deli trays, custom funnels and cheese sampling tray.


Heat & Chemical Resistance

Vivak sheet’s heat resistance of 145 °F precludes its use in heat generating applications where typical temperatures exceed 140-145°F. Vivak also has good chemical resistance making it ideally suited for harsh industrial environments. However, this chemical resistance may mean longer fixturing time, when using solvent-based adhesives


Mechanical properties

Vivak has great mechanical properties including easy die-cutting, punching, and low-temperature forming. PETG sheet’s forgiving nature also means less breakage during production, which can mean higher margins and lower costs.



PETG is rated V-2 to HB